This article I will show you how to create a Microsoft account, also known as Hotmail account, Live account, account. With this account you can use Microsoft’s free email service, use Skype nick and log into some functions provided by Microsoft (Windows Store, OneDrive, Office 365 …)

Microsoft service
Microsoft service
Step 1: Go to the Hotmail account registration page
Visit the link below click on Register Now
Step 2: Enter some basic information
The information to be provided includes:

  • Your name: Marked or unsigned, can be changed
  • Your last name: Same as the name
  • Username: Incorporated, can use _ or accents.
  • Select email (,,
  • Passwords: Include uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters for increased security. How to set strong password security.
  • Country: Select your country.
  • Postal Code: Reference ••> Zip Code List, Postal Code of your country
  • Date of birth and gender
Step 3: Enter some recovery account security information as needed

In case you lose your password, or forget your account name, Microsoft will send you the information via phone number and email recovery, you should enter this exact to later need:

  • Country:
  • Phone Number:
  • Recover email: Enter your other email – eg Gmail, Yahoo mail.
  • Enter security code: If it is hard to see, you can select “New / Sound” to get new code or listen to string.
Step 4: Confirm registration

After completing the account information, you click the Create account button at the bottom of the page, can uncheck the Send me the promotional offer … to avoid receiving Microsoft promotional mail.

After sign up Hotmail, you can login Hotmail and all other free Microsoft services. In the following article I will guide you some other tips related to Hotmail account.

Also, after creating your new Hotmail account, you should delete your old Hotmail account for security.