Sign in to on your iPhone or iPad (iOS device)

To login on your iPhone or iPad, users can use the application launched by Microsoft. Learn everything here.

The application is offered by Microsoft to allow users to enter their email account through their device with iOS operating system, namely iPhone and iPad.

An application that makes email access easier for users to avoid accessing through their mobile browser.

This is an email client application that allows you to access your email directly from your free Microsoft e-mail account,

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How do I sign in on my iPhone or iPad?

To sign into on your iPhone or iPad using the Outlook iOS app, you must install this app on Apple’s mobile device.

With the app already installed, access the app via the iOS app’s app menu. First, you’ll see a welcome menu where users will have to enter data to start the session.

There, the user must enter the access data, email address and password of their account. Then click Login or Sign In if the app is in English.

A few minutes later, you can use your email through the Outlook for iPhone and iPad app. If you have too many emails in your inbox, synchronization may take a few minutes, but you’ll soon be able to send and receive your emails through the app in a simple way.

If there are errors at the beginning of the session, check that your data is correct.

So, you already know a simple and easy way to access on your iPhone or iPad. Installing apps through Apple’s app store and managing your email box will be easier.

Note:Because Hotmail renamed to in 2013, so Hotmail login are similar to sign in.