Send group email in

Sending group emails in can be a valuable tool for users who need to send email to a group of senders. Of course, we talk about sending good intentions rather than spam!

How to send group email in

Sending an email Hotmail to a contact group in may be the best solution for users who need to email massively.

This feature will allow you to be faster and more organized in the process of emailing.

To do this, the user must first go to the People option and create a new contact group, a task that we explained earlier here;

Once the groups have been created, when adding recipients, simply add the group as the recipient, and all contacts in that particular group will receive the email;

Users also have the ability to add groups and add individual contacts that do not belong to this group, but also want to send the same email;

What are the steps to emailing groups in

The steps to send an email to multiple recipients using the facility can be made by creating a contact group that is not much different from sending regular email, see:

Access your inbox and select New from the top bar to compose a new email;

In the Recipient field, you must enter the contact you want to email or group name. You may also like to use CC or BCC fields;

Then, just compose the same email and once it’s done, just click Submit.

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