How to recover Hotmail account – Microsoft account –

Since this morning you no longer have access to your Hotmail account? When trying to sign in, did you get the message that the entered data was incorrect? Ask your coworker to contact you to ask you about the “strange” emails you send them in the morning? If you answered at least one of these questions, it is likely that your account has been compromised.

Do you find yourself in a situation where there is no way out? Absolutely not! If you take a few minutes of free time, I can show you how to recover your Hotmail account through a simple and immediate password recovery procedure. In order to have sufficient information, I will explain how you can prevent this situation from happening again in the future, indicating that some effective security measures can prevent unauthorized access to your inbox. friend.

So are you ready to start? Well, we do not waste more precious time and get right to the heart of this guide right away. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to focus on reading the next few paragraphs, follow the tips I will give you and you will find that you can get back into your Hotmail account. friend. I want you to read well and I will give you a great luck for everything!

Check that your Hotmail account has been stolen

Verifying that your Hotmail account is stolen is a must to restore. To verify this, associated with this site, enter your email address in the text field and click the Next blue button. Then enter the login password for your Microsoft account and click the blue Login button.

At this point, click the SMS in the [phone number you provided at registration], enter the last four digits of your phone number in the text field, and click ‘Send.’ The Microsoft team will send you an SMS with a code that you can confirm your identity: enter it into the text and click the Check button to complete the task.

If you have no way to confirm your identity through a mobile phone number, for example because you changed your mobile number and you have not updated this information in your account, click link I have some information on this and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to proceed with verification of your identity.

As soon as you have performed the account verification, you will have access to the full list of visits that were made last month. If you see hits made by devices that are not yours, it is obvious that your account has been stolen.

Then click the Account protection link (under the heading Activities unfamiliar ?, in the suspicious access area) and follow the instructions that you see on the screen to protect your inbox: it’s about resetting your password and verifying the account-related security information.

After completing the password reset process, you can finally get back to your Hotmail account and use it securely. However, if you do not perform the verification process described above, it is clear that cybercriminals have already stolen your account and changed your password. You can find helpful information on how to proceed in this case in the next chapter of the tutorial.

Recover the stolen Hotmail account

If you are reading this chapter of the guide, it is clear that your Hotmail account has been stolen and you have not yet managed to return because the cybercriminal who has occupied it has also changed your password. In this case, how can you recover your stolen Hotmail account? I will explain to you immediately.

First, connect to the login page of the website (as I explained to you in my guide on how to access Hotmail, Microsoft has now captured all the e services. -mail your, click the Login button (located in the middle of the page, right), enter in the stolen email address text field and click the blue Forward button.

At this point, you will be asked to enter a password to access your account. Since the password has been changed by the thief who took over the account, click on the link I forgot the password located at the bottom of the login form.

On the page that opens, the Microsoft team will ask you for a reason why you can not sign in. Then put a checkmark in the item I think someone is using my Microsoft account and, if you want, indicate why you think your account has been stolen. To do so, select one of the options in the drop-down menu under Options: Why do you think someone has access to your account? (for example, on my recent activity page, I noticed abnormal access) and click the Next button.

Now enter the characters you see the CAPTCHA code displayed on the screen and click the Next button. If you are unable to decode the code, click the New button, so you can create another code, or if you prefer, click the Sound button to hear the audio code. After entering the code, click the Next button again.

Now you have to verify your identity. Select, then, one of the suggested options (for example, SMS to ******** XX) and then follow the instructions that you see on the screen to continue. For example, if you decide to verify your identity with a phone number, enter the last 4 digits of the number in the text field and then click the blue Code Submit button. In a few minutes you will receive a code: digital in the text field Enter the code and then click the Next button.

If you have no way of confirming your identity through your mobile number (for example, because you changed your mobile number and you have not updated this information in your account), click on the link I have some information on this and follow the instructions to display a screen to proceed to determine your identity.

Now you can finally reset your password and get your account back. To do this, enter a secure password in the New Password field, repeat the password in the Confirm password field, and click the Next button.

If all goes well, you will see the message reassuring “Your account has been restored.” To finish, click the Next button and sign in by entering your new email and password on the login form.

While following the processes described above, you can not return to your Hotmail account? In this case, I suggest you visit the support page that Microsoft has set up on its Internet site: there you will find other useful information to restore your account.

How to protect your Hotmail account

After stealing your Hotmail account, I bet you do not want to repeat such an experience, right? Then, let me give you some tips on how to protect your Hotmail account and avoid stealing your login information.

  • Use secure passwords – To be considered safe, the password must be at least 15-20 characters (“minimum link” is 8 characters, but the longer the password is, the harder it is to intercept). and must contain n umbers, letters (titles) and symbols,. Also, it MUST NOT contain any elements that are relevant to you (for example, your date of birth, the names of your family members, etc.) and must be different from the passwords used for the account Other provisions. If you would like some more suggestions on how to create a secure password, read the research I have published on this topic.
  • Allow two-factor authentication – in this way, even if someone unfortunately must block your password, they will not be able to access your account because they will not have a second access key, this group will be sent by the Microsoft team via SMS to the number of mobile phones specified during activation. To enable two-factor authentication on your account, visit the Security Settings page and sign in with your Microsoft account. Then, click Set up 2-Step Verification (in the 2-Step Verification section) and follow the instructions on the screen.