How to recover drafts in Outlook for Android

I want to know how to continue fixing emails you’ve saved in Outlook draft, but do you want to do that through the Android app? This is how you can restore your drafts.

The draft option owns the ideal extension for the user as it allows you to write the email and save it to draft version for later submission.

What do I do to recover a draft in Outlook for Android?

To own access to your drafts through the Outlook for Android application, the user must:

  • Previously installed the app on your Android mobile device and set up your email account correctly in the app;
  • Access the app via the Android menu;
  • Owned in the app, open the menu in the upper left corner of the screen, next to Inbox, All Accounts.
  • In this step, some options will appear and the user must touch their email account name, in the corresponding email address. Of the folders that will appear, you will see Drafts, and that’s where you should play;
  • In Draft, you will have access to all your draft emails stored in the system;
  • To select a draft and take it, just touch it and this email ownership will continue to be written from the last update that has been saved to the system.

Now that you know the ease of accessing drafts of Outlook for Android and fix them from the app, it’s important for the user to know that when you save a draft or draft saved automatically by the system. Whenever you want to edit, you can change all previously entered data, including recipient addresses, topics, attachments, and notifications.

Learn more about the Outlook for Android app, as Microsoft has recently released a new version of the app for devices that own the Android mobile operating system.

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