Gmail login

You followed my instructions to create Gmail account and at this point you can be very pleased. It’s in fact Some time you’ve got in mind to create an e-mail account using Google’s renowned home service and finally you’ve done it. At this point, I can provide you with all the explanations about how to access Gmail in a way that you can always control your e-mail over a number of times (then through a Web browser or application email) and mobile (using an official app or third-party app).

How do you say? What interests you (and even so many) but not realistic about the Internet theme and new technology that explains how to access Gmail may be too complicated for you? Yes, but you absolutely have no reason to worry, really. Contrary to what appears and beyond what you think Gmail access is really very easy to read and the signs you see below are sure you will eventually be right.

So, take a few minutes of free, pleasant and focused reading of this guide. You will find that you will eventually have clear ideas on how to access Gmail and if necessary, you will also be ready to provide all of the case clarification to your friends that should be compatible.

Sign in Gmail via your web browser

If you want to know how to access Gmail directly from your browser, the first step you need to do is start the program to browse the network you use most often, connect to the main page of the service by entering in the address bar and press the Enter key on the keyboard.

At this point, if you have made access to Google services with your account and your browser, you do not have to do anything else, you already own access to Gmail from the Web. , congratulations!

If you are not signed in to Google services with your account, click the Sign in button at the top right of the page that appears. Then fill in the box. Enter your email address by entering your Gmail email address and then clicking the blue next button. Now enter the password for your Google Account by setting a password in the Password box and then clicking the Sign In button. If necessary, check the box to Stay Connected if you do not want to be signed in each time you want to access Gmail from your web browser.

If you’ve chosen to enable 2-step verification on your Google Account, enter the code that was sent to you by SMS to your mobile number and click Verify. And If you prefer, you also have the option to add a box to the Do not require code on these fields to avoid having to do this step at a time.

Once you have logged into the service through a web browser, you finally have the ability to start using your inbox.

To write a new email, click on the Write button at the top left, to see the inbox, click the Inbox always left and then on the message you’re interested in while responding to the message just click. The button represents a left arrow that you find on the right side of each email you receive. To access the trash, simply click on the Trash Can link to the left sidebar (if you can not see it, click first on the other menu that is always set horizontally). For the drafts instead, click on Bozze always attached to the side coffin.

Gmail login via the email client

Instead, if you downloaded one of the software in a guide specifically for Gmail programs or any other email client and would like to know how to continue to access Gmail using one of these programs, You do not need to do anything except specify, while installing and configuring the software selected to receive and send e-mail, your willingness to use your Google account and then provide data. whether access is relevant.

In case the e-mail application you choose to use does not provide this automated process, you will have to fill out the different forms suggested for you by entering the following information.

Inbound mail server (IMAP):, Port: 993, SSL requirements: Yes.

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):, Port: 465 or 587, SSL Request: yes, Authentication Required: yes.

Full name or display name: [your name]

Account Name or Username: Gmail Address (example:

 E-mail address: Gmail address (example:

Password: Gmail password.

If you need to use the POP3 protocol, here are the settings you need to use to access Gmail in your favorite email client.

Incoming mail server (POP3):, Port: 995, SSL requirement: Yes.

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):, Port: 465 or 587, SSL Request: yes, Authentication Required: yes.

Full name or display name: [your name]

Account Name or Username: Gmail Address (example:

 E-mail address: Gmail address (example:

Password: Gmail password.

Access Gmail through the official app for smartphones and tablets

Instead of using a web browser, do you want to access Gmail from your smartphone or tablet? In this case, the first step is to download the appropriate Gmail app on your device. The Gmail app is available for iOS devices and for Android devices (usually included as “standard”).

After continuing to download and install the Gmail app on your device, tap on the app icon that has been added to the smartphone home screen or tablet you are using, if it’s on your device. If you are using a Google account, you will be presented with a screen where you will need to select the configuration you want to use. To do so, locate your account among those listed, turn the relevant switch on, and click the Finish button in the top left.

If you do not use a Google Account on your smartphone or tablet, when you see the Gmail app home screen fill in the fields displayed by setting your email address and password. You are associated with it and confirm your willingness to access the service by using this data by pressing the appropriate button.

In either case, you agree to receive notifications from the app by pressing the appropriate button displayed on the screen and pressing the Go to Inbox button in the lower left.

When this is complete, you can see all of your messages in a matter of minutes directly from the Gmail app installed on your smartphone or tablet.

To write a new email, press the button in the pencil shape located at the top right to read the incoming message. The main part of the application is displayed as soon as you log in to reply to the message just by clicking your email address. Mind and then click on the left arrow that you find in the upper right of each message. If instead you want to visit the basket press the button depicts three horizontal lines in the upper left and you type in the Trash item attached to the menu shown to you. To access the drafts, instead, Drafts are always attached to the side menu.

Sign in Gmail through third-party apps for smartphones and tablets

As an alternative to the process I mentioned earlier, you can access Gmail from your smartphone and tablet even when using third-party apps, such as iOS Mail. or MailDroid on Android.

To access Gmail through third-party applications on smartphones and tablets, you must of course continue to configure the service through the application settings. In general, the configuration process happens automatically, so after clicking the option to add a Gmail account, simply enter your email address, password and any two-factor authentication code. perform.

In other cases, manually enter the configuration parameters for the Google home mailbox. To do so, please follow the configuration parameters I provided in the previous lines as I explained how to access Gmail through the email client.

Once the configuration is complete, you will be able to sign in and Gmail just by tapping the e-mail application icon you use and adding it to your device’s home screen.

In case of problems

If you encounter any problems using Gmail that is paired with a third-party smartphone or smartphone app or email application, this is most likely due to the IMAP or POP protocol for your email. is not turned on. .

To fix it right away, visit Gmail via web browser as seen in the previous lines, click the gear icon displayed in the upper right of your mailbox and click Settings under Its menu is opened.

Then, click Forwarding and POP / IMAP at the top, and check that the email app you selected can enable either the IMAP or POP protocols.

If the client or application for the e-mail you want to use supports the IMAP protocol, click on the configuration voice prompt in the IMAP Access session: Forwarding and POP / IMAP Gmail and complete the configuration later. The wizard is easy to be shown to you on the screen.

If instead of the client or application for the email you have chosen to take advantage of, you should support POP protocols, instead of clicking on the voice configuration prompt that is present in the POP Access session: Forwarding and POP / IMAP. Gmail and complete the wizard-based configuration that is easily displayed on the screen.