How to delete Hotmail account

Use the services provided by the Redmond company for some time, you are happy with it but for now many reasons you have decided to delete the Microsoft account. That’s your choice, I can not tell you anything else. However, if you are here now and you are reading this guide, it may be because you are having some difficulty figuring out how to do it. But if everything is really like this, you do not have to worry. I can really explain to you, step by step, all you need to do to delete the Microsoft account.

Most likely it seems to be something out of your reach but you have to believe me, deleting a Microsoft account is a very straightforward procedure and for signing it takes only a few minutes of free time and minimal attention, Nothing more, I can assure you.

So, if you are really willing to learn what you need to do to be able to delete your Microsoft account, I highly recommend that you read this manual carefully and focus on reading the instructions I will give you. I am sure that in the end you will be willing to give me the reason to actually delete the Microsoft account is a real breeze and I also believe that at the first good opportunity you will also be able to explain to all your friends Your need a hand how to do. Ready? friend? Very well, then we ban chat and start.

Before giving you all the explanation about the incident on how to delete the Microsoft account, you should clarify one point immediately. You should know, if you do not already know, that a Microsoft account is nothing more than a combination of an email address and password used to access services such as, OneDrive, Windows Phone or Xbox Live.

The Microsoft account then coincides with the Hotmail or Outlook email address. If you have followed my instructions to create a Hotmail account in the past, then you have a Microsoft account. Therefore, deleting your Hotmail account or Outlook account also means deleting your Microsoft account.

Preliminary activity

Before explaining how you should proceed with deleting your Microsoft account, I also recommend that you do some simple but extremely important preliminary work.

To get started, check that no active subscription service is available on your account. In the case of active services, will delete the Microsoft account that you may actually be charged for something you will no longer use. To verify that there are no active services on your account, click here to connect to the subscription management panel and ensure that no subscriptions are specified. If instead, some subscriptions will delete all those subscriptions by clicking the appropriate option.

In addition, if you have used your account even when you send and receive email via, please note that before deletion, it may be useful to download a copy of the contacts that are connected. with it. If you do not know how, read my tutorial on how to export the Outlook Address Book that I’ve run to show the whole process in a very detailed way.

Please note that if you intend to delete the Microsoft account because you do not like the name you chose (the part that comes before the @), you can deal with it also will create the alias, namely the e-address. – Second, however, refer to the primary address.

To create an alias, just click on your Information section located at the top of the blue bar associated with the Web site to control your Microsoft account, and then click Manage how you access Microsoft. Then, verify your identity by entering your password or security code or, if you have not already done so, indicate which method you would like to use to protect your account.

Now select the Security and Privacy section at the top right and then click Other security settings you find in the Account Security section of the new page that is displayed. If prompted, complete the steps to verify your identity by requesting to enter a security code by email or SMS, and then click Submit and enter the code you received via email or phone message. in the appropriate field is displayed to you on the screen. Then click Submit.

Now scroll to the bottom of the screen that will be shown to you, find the Close your account section, and then click the Close account section.

Then click the Next button, put a checkmark next to all the options shown to you (, Hotmail and onedrive will no longer be accessible, the content may not work as expected, etc.) and click on the previous button Mark and then on Finish to complete the procedure.

At this point, you can tell you more than satisfied: you finally managed to complete all the procedures to be able to delete the Microsoft account. Congratulations!

In case of intent change

Did you do all the steps to remove the Microsoft account but now you have second thoughts? No problem, you can retrieve your steps. Taking into account this event, the Microsoft team can restore deleted accounts within 60 days of closing. During this time, the account has been marked as closed, but it still exists.

To reopen a deleted Microsoft account, you will need to prove that you are using the current security information for your account. To do this, just connect to your Microsoft account on or any of the other company websites and click the Continue button. I want to reopen my account. You will then have to verify your identity by accepting a security code by e-mail or by SMS and ending with the end button.

During the unfortunate event that I have reviewed but the maximum time frame to be able to reactivate and restore your Microsoft account is now over, I am sorry to tell you, but at this point, You can not do anything else. However, if you think it’s appropriate, you can create a new Microsoft account by following the instructions that I provided in my tutorial on how to create a Microsoft account.