How to delete Gmail account?

After relying on another service to manage your email, you’ve decided to leave Gmail and permanently close your account. However, you first want to back up all the data associated with the Google-provided email service so that you do not lose your most important email and contacts. Also, would you like to know the detailed process for deleting the Google Account associated with your smartphone? Really? So, I do not see the problem where! If you want, I am here to give you a hand and explain how to succeed in your intention.

If you take a few minutes of free time, I can tell you how to delete your Gmail account from both your computer and your smartphone and tablet. You must know that you have two solutions: it will first allow you to continue using the services associated with your Google Account, while the most drastic solution is to delete your Google Account and therefore All linked products, including Gmail. In addition, I will show you how to back up your Gmail account so that you do not lose important contacts and documents.

If you agree, we do not waste any extra time in chatting and immediately switch to action! Be comfortable, spend five minutes and read the next few paragraphs. Find the solution that best suits your needs, try to come up with the guides that I am about to give you and I am sure you will be able to get rid of your Gmail account quickly. Read happiness!

How to back up Gmail data

Before going into the details of this guide and explaining how to delete your Gmail account, let me explain the process of backing up your Gmail data, such as your contacts, emails and more.

So if before closing your Gmail account you want to back up your content, which is linked to the main Google page, click on your photo in the upper right corner and press the button. My account . If you are not connected to your Google account, press the Login button, select the account you are interested in and enter the password to Enter your password, then click the Next button to login.

On the main Google Account home page, find the Personal data and privacy box, and click on Check your content, then click the Generate archive button to see a list of Google properties associated with it. your account to be included in the backup.

If you only want to back up your Gmail data, click the Delete All button, then scroll down and move the levers next to the email tone from OFF to ON. By default, all messages are backed up: If you want to select the email to include in the backup, click the Mail All option next to the Mail option, select the check box next to Choose label, select the option. Interested in Archiviata, Draft, Basket, Chat, Read, Important, Inbox and Sent Items and click the OK button.

Also, if you want to save contacts, calendars and groups, move the levers next to the Contacts, Calendars and Groups options from OFF to ON, then press the Forward and Archive buttons to begin the creation process. storage.

You should know that creating a proprietary backup may take hours or even days depending on the amount of data to be processed. Once the backup is ready, you will be able to download the saved email from the owner of the link.

Remove the Gmail account from your computer

Once you’ve created and downloaded your backup, you’re ready to cancel your Gmail account. As mentioned earlier, you can achieve the same result by following the different paths: Deciding less is to deactivate your Gmail account, while alternatively deleting your Google Account and related items.

To turn off your Gmail account, which is linked to the main Google page, click your picture in the upper right corner and click the My Account button. Now click Delete your account and services in the Account Preferences box and select the Delete product option, then re-enter your Google Account password and click the Next button.

On the new opening page, click the trash can icon next to the Gmail entry, indicating your alternate email address in the Enter email address field (it is not linked to a Google account) to continue using items. Other Google products (e.g. YouTube) and click on the Send verification email button. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to secure your email at the address indicated with the verification link: click the link to verify your new address and visit the page to cancel your account.

Then, select the check next to Yes, I want to permanently delete [gmail address] from my Google Account and click the Remove Gmail button to finish deleting. Once deleted, you can continue to sign in to your Google Account with the new email address you entered earlier.

If you like the drastic solution and intend to cancel your Google account and therefore all related items (including Gmail), please log in to your Google account and click the Delete item. your account or your service in the Account Preferences box. In the new page, select the Delete Google Account and Data option, enter the password in the Enter password box, and click the Next button.

Now, check out the Yes Items section, I confirm that I am still responsible for all charges from any pending financial transactions and I understand that in some cases, my earnings I will not be paid and Yes, I want to permanently delete this Google Account and all related data, then click the Delete Account button and you’re done.

You must know that the operation is irreversible and that you will not be able to recover your account and associated data. However, in case of immediate change, you have a short period of time to try and restore your account. To do so, connected to Google, click the Sign in button, enter the address associated with your Google account, and click the Next button.

If you see this Account entry has recently been deleted and you are able to restore it, click the Next button, enter your password in the Enter last password field and click the Next button to try again. dress. Message Successful operation. You’ve canceled the deletion of your account confirming that your reinstatement attempt was successful and that you can reuse your Google account and the items associated with that account.

Delete your Gmail account from smart phones and tablets

If you do not have a lot of calculators or want to delete your Gmail account from smart phones and tablets, you should know that the process is similar to what is described in the previous paragraphs for calculations.


If you have smartphones or tablets that come with Android, visit Settings by tapping the gear icon and tapping the Google option in the Personal section. Now select the Google Account and click the Account Preferences option, then click Google’s Delete Service, enter your Google Account password, and click the Next button.

Crush and, therefore, the basket’s icon against Gmail, select ‘Google Account of which you are interested and customers touch the Next button, then close A checkmark next to Yes, I want to delete forever This Google Account and all related information and click the Delete Gmail button to cancel the Gmail account associated with your Google Account.

You have to know that you can do the same thing through the ‘Gmail app: After you start it, you touch the ≡ button on the top left, click Settings and select your Google Account. Now click the My Account option to access your Google Account settings, then click Account Preferences and repeat above.

However, if you want to remove your Google Account from your device without deleting any of your services, go to Android Settings and tap the Google entry in the Accounts section. Then select the Gmail address you want to delete, click on the three dots icon in the top right and click on the Double Delete account button. To learn more, you can read my instructions on how to delete your Google Android account.

You need to know that removing a Google Account from Android will remove all data associated with it, and if the deleted account is the only account added to Android, you will no longer be able to access the Store. Play again. Therefore, I advise you to follow this process only if the account you wish to delete is a sub. In that case, you can read my instructions on how to add a Gmail account.


To remove the Gmail account from your iOS device, launch the Gmail app by pressing its icon (red and white envelopes) on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen. Now click the on button in the top left and click Settings, then select your Gmail address and, in the new screen shown, click your Google Account management account.

Then select the Account Preferences option, click Delete Google Services, enter your Google Account password in the Password field, and click the Sign In button. To delete your Gmail account, tap the trash can icon next to Gmail, select the account you want to delete via the Select drop-down menu, and click the Next button. Finally, put a check mark next to the Yes, I want to permanently delete this Google Account and all its data, click the Delete Gmail button, and you’re done.

If you do not have the Gmail app installed on your iPhone or iPad, you should know that you can also delete your Gmail account through the Google app or by signing into your Google account through your browser.

However, if you want to delete your Gmail account from your iPhone or iPad without deleting it for the rest of the device you use, go to iOS Settings (the gear icon is on the home screen), to your account and password, touch the Gmail related item and hit the first time on the Delete account option, and then click Remove from iPhone / iPad. Easier than that!