How to create a Gmail account

Gmail is one of the most widely used e-mail services in the world. It is a solution implemented in Google through which you can send and receive emails without having to install programs on your computer without facing complicated configurations. It’s free and allows you to store large amounts of data.

How do you say? You already know all this but if you are here because you are beginner to the internet world and, in general, technology and then you want some tips on how to create Gmail account? Yes, what is the problem? I can help you! This is an extremely simple procedure to follow and read the instructions that I am about to give you. It will not take long to realize it, I am sure.

So, if you want to learn how to create a Gmail account, I invite you to take a few minutes of free time, to relax and focus on reading this guide. Are you ready? Friend? Great, then we forbid the chat and started immediately to get busy.

Create a Gmail account from your computer

Start this tutorial by looking at how to create a Gmail account from a computer. The first step you need to do is to open your favorite web browser and click here so that you can immediately connect to the Gmail presentation. Then you have to click the Create an account button located at the top right and fill out the form suggested for you by entering the different data required.

Then type your name and your last name in the appropriate text fields, only in this field Select the login email address you want to activate Gmail (the end result will be [Screen Name] @ gmail .com) and enter the password you want to use to access your mailbox in Create Password and Confirm Password for Form. Then, enter your date of birth and gender in the corresponding menus.

Finally, write your mobile number (optional) in the box below and, if you have one, provide your current email address. Also, be sure to specify your country by selecting that country from the relevant drop-down menu. If you have the appropriate option, you can also choose to make Google the homepage for the web browser you are using by leaving or removing the checkmark from the appropriate box. If requested, be sure to prove that you are not a robot by passing the appropriate appropriate verification (for example, entering the appropriate box on the screen and / or numbers displayed in the image).

Now click the Next Step button located below and accept the Google terms of service by scrolling down the document displayed on the screen and then clicking the Accept button.

At this time, you will be asked to confirm your identity via your mobile phone: choose whether to receive an SMS or call and click Continue to receive the code to enter to validate the newly created account.

Mission completed! With this last step, you finally finished the whole process of creating a Gmail account, the achievement! So, you have nothing left to do but click the Continue button and go to Gmail on your desktop to start using Google’s email service right away. Satisfied?

To access your inbox, connect to the Gmail homepage from your browser by clicking here, or select the Gmail section at the top right of the Google homepage. During the first use of the service, some information boxes will instruct you to use Gmail explaining how to import contacts from your previous email address, how to customize your Gmail interface, find messages, and more. .

In any case, I assure you that the service is really intuitive. Just select one of the sections listed in the left sidebar (Inbox with incoming mail in your inbox, especially automatically collect emails marked with a star, Drafts where the messages are written. but not stored and so on). However, to start composing new emails, just click the Write button.

To underline, organizations in the tabs of the incoming mail will automatically divide the message (Primary) from the contacts of the social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter (Social tab) and from the ad bulletin (tabs). Promotion ). By clicking the + button in the top right, you can also add tabs to automatically group statements and invoices (updates) and messages from the forums you have subscribed to.

Create Gmail accounts from smartphones and tablets

Do you have a smartphone or Android tablet, an iPhone or iPad and would like to understand how to create a direclty Gmail account from your mobile device via the official app using the service? No problem, this can also be done. To do this, just start downloading the Gmail app on your device. How? I will explain to you now.

  • If you use an Android device, it’s likely that the app is available “standard,” so you will not have to download it. If not, tap directly from your smartphone or from your tablet to instantly connect to the appropriate section of the Play Store and then click the Install button and then Accept and download and wait for some. clocks to start the download process and bring it to maturity.
  • If you use your iPhone or iPad, tap directly here from your device to instantly connect to the Gmail App Store. In the screen at this point is shown to you, stop first on the Install and then select Get, if asked to enter a password for your Apple account or allow download by Touch ID (if your device supports and then wait a bit for the download to begin and complete.

Now that you have gone to your phone’s screen where all the applications are grouped, look for the Gmail icon, as above and, in the new screen will show you, just type in the item Log.

Add an account and then on Create an account and then fill in all the forms suggested for you on the screen. In the first module you have to type the first and last name, the second you must enter the username and password you want to use to sign in to your new Gmail account, in the third you need to enter You personal information (birth date and gender of your) and your fourth mobile number (then verified by sending an SMS from Google), an additional email address that you can have and your country.

Then, click the Continue button, accept Google’s terms of service by clicking the Accept and confirm your identity button with your mobile phone. Depending on your preference, you may choose whether to receive text messages or calls. Then, click Continue to get the code to enter to validate the new account created.

At this point, finally you can say for yourself satisfied. By taking these last steps, you can complete all the Gmail account creation process, I congratulate you!

For the practical use of the application, it is quite simple and intuitive. Just click the button with three lines located at the top left and select one of the items in the change bar (Main with incoming mails in your email box, Especially where emails are automatically collected are starred, Mail Drafts where messages are kept but not sent, etc.)

However, to start composing new emails, just click the pencil button in the lower right corner of the screen.

As with the Gmail version, it is accessible from the Web browser, even with the application, emails are sorted automatically by type. The Gmail app actually divides general emails from people in the social world as well as newsletters, updates, and forum discussions.

Note: If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, and if you prefer, you can create a Gmail account on your device even by going to your device settings (gear icon) and selecting the item. Add an account from the Account menu.