Change your personal data in

If you need to change your personal data, please note that this will not mean any complicated tasks, because you will be able to quickly update your data. Need to change in your email account.

Personal data refers to A different part of the data allows the user to change his or her profile data, to avoid any errors, you will be guided to know how to change personal data. of personal data is all your information is the basis of your account and that is general information for all other services provided by Microsoft.

Steps to change your personal data.

1- Sign in Hotmail (;

2- Access the settings Icon and select Other mail settings;

3- In the Manage your new account page, select the first option: Account details (password, address, time zone) to access the settings and to be able to change your personal data;

4- By accessing this site, you will have access to your email account summary, where you can edit your name, fix your personal information, change your password, and Moreover. So, just select the paraparameters you want to change and you will immediately see your personal data updated.

In these 4 easy steps, you can change your personal data and thus keep your email account up-to-date.

The addition of the features of Microsoft’s free e-mail account makes your e-mail box customized for you with an easy-to-use set of tools for day-to-day communication.

Take advantage of all the benefits of and keep your account up-to-date as you do just a few easy steps to change your personal data.

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