Change Hotmail Addresses to Outlook

Do you still have your Hotmail email address? If you think it’s time to update, you know how you can do that and change the Hotmail address for Outlook, so replace the domain from your address from, and to

Do I have to change the address domain to

In fact, this is an option that is entirely at the discretion of the user, because as we can see from the update of the old Hotmail email service to the new that users have They can continue to enter their email through their old accounts with domains, and

Change your Hotmail address to Outlook is a way for you to permanently upgrade with the free email service provided by Microsoft, but if you want to keep your old domain name, this will not affect how the Inbox works. will not even assume that your data is lost or that you can not access all of the features available on

How to change Hotmail address for Outlook?

If you decide to change your old Hotmail domain to, check out these steps:

Log in Hotmail email account with your login information, as you usually do;

In the email inbox of your email account, click the gear icon and select Options;

Under Manage your account, choose create an alias for;

Therefore, you will be able to use the email address from and of course your current address with the old domain will continue to operate fully without any changes. Learn more about how to create an alias in

Now that you know how to change your Hotmail address for Outlook, it’s up to you whether you want to update your domain. Enjoy all the features of and take advantage of your email manager.

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