Change your personal data in

If you need to change your personal data, please note that this will not mean any complicated tasks, because you will be able to quickly update your data. Need to change in your email account.

Personal data refers to A different part of the data allows the user to change his or her profile data, to avoid any errors, you will be guided to know how to change personal data. of personal data is all your information is the basis of your account and that is general information for all other services provided by Microsoft.

Steps to change your personal data.

1- Sign in Hotmail (;

2- Access the settings Icon and select Other mail settings;

3- In the Manage your new account page, select the first option: Account details (password, address, time zone) to access the settings and to be able to change your personal data;

4- By accessing this site, you will have access to your email account summary, where you can edit your name, fix your personal information, change your password, and Moreover. So, just select the paraparameters you want to change and you will immediately see your personal data updated.

In these 4 easy steps, you can change your personal data and thus keep your email account up-to-date.

The addition of the features of Microsoft’s free e-mail account makes your e-mail box customized for you with an easy-to-use set of tools for day-to-day communication.

Take advantage of all the benefits of and keep your account up-to-date as you do just a few easy steps to change your personal data.

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Sign in to on your iPhone or iPad (iOS device)

To login on your iPhone or iPad, users can use the application launched by Microsoft. Learn everything here.

The application is offered by Microsoft to allow users to enter their email account through their device with iOS operating system, namely iPhone and iPad.

An application that makes email access easier for users to avoid accessing through their mobile browser.

This is an email client application that allows you to access your email directly from your free Microsoft e-mail account,

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How do I sign in on my iPhone or iPad?

To sign into on your iPhone or iPad using the Outlook iOS app, you must install this app on Apple’s mobile device.

With the app already installed, access the app via the iOS app’s app menu. First, you’ll see a welcome menu where users will have to enter data to start the session.

There, the user must enter the access data, email address and password of their account. Then click Login or Sign In if the app is in English.

A few minutes later, you can use your email through the Outlook for iPhone and iPad app. If you have too many emails in your inbox, synchronization may take a few minutes, but you’ll soon be able to send and receive your emails through the app in a simple way.

If there are errors at the beginning of the session, check that your data is correct.

So, you already know a simple and easy way to access on your iPhone or iPad. Installing apps through Apple’s app store and managing your email box will be easier.

Note:Because Hotmail renamed to in 2013, so Hotmail login are similar to sign in.

Send group email in

Sending group emails in can be a valuable tool for users who need to send email to a group of senders. Of course, we talk about sending good intentions rather than spam!

How to send group email in

Sending an email Hotmail to a contact group in may be the best solution for users who need to email massively.

This feature will allow you to be faster and more organized in the process of emailing.

To do this, the user must first go to the People option and create a new contact group, a task that we explained earlier here;

Once the groups have been created, when adding recipients, simply add the group as the recipient, and all contacts in that particular group will receive the email;

Users also have the ability to add groups and add individual contacts that do not belong to this group, but also want to send the same email;

What are the steps to emailing groups in

The steps to send an email to multiple recipients using the facility can be made by creating a contact group that is not much different from sending regular email, see:

Access your inbox and select New from the top bar to compose a new email;

In the Recipient field, you must enter the contact you want to email or group name. You may also like to use CC or BCC fields;

Then, just compose the same email and once it’s done, just click Submit.

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How to unblock Hotmail account

In some cases, such as when abnormal activity is logged or excessive data traffic occurs on Hotmail, or Live addresses, Microsoft may temporarily suspend the user’s account. by blocking their access. If you are one of these and you are desperate because you do not know how to unlock your Hotmail account, take a deep breath and relax: there is a way to quickly recover access to your account and e-mail. And what can I explain?

How do you say? Are not you very skilled in computer science and new technology and the topic that the procedures are made to unlock Hotmail account is out of your reach? But no, you’re wrong … and also big! In contrast to the appearance and beyond what you might think that unlocking Hotmail accounts is in fact quite simple to do … providing the course that you are the legitimate owner of the mailing list. In regards to where you plan to go to action, this seems obvious to me!

So, if you want to find out what you need to do to be able to unlock your Hotmail account, I invite you to spend a few minutes free, sitting comfortably in front of your computer and carefully following my advice. about to give you. Unless unhappy climbing and ruthless than you, you will be able to solve the problem and get your account back in no time. We bet?

The standard procedure to unlock a Hotmail account, as well as Outlook and Live, is to enter the security code that Microsoft sends to the user’s mobile number via SMS. Therefore, if you have not made such a preventive operation, before the account can be blocked, you should connect to the control panel of the Microsoft profile and associate a phone number with the following configuration. This is a very simple operation.

To add a phone number to your Microsoft account, just sign in Hotmail account, press the Login button, enter your email address and password, and click the Sign In button. At this time, click the Other privacy settings you can find on the left, under Account security, then click the option Add Privacy Information attached to the Privacy Information section for you can protect your account.

Then select the Phone number option from the first drop-down menu that is shown to you, then select the phone number prefix from the second drop-down menu and then Enter your number in the appropriate blank field. Then select the method by which you want to verify your phone number by selecting SMS or Call and click Next.

You will then receive, depending on the choice made, a message or a call on your cell number through which you will be provided a code that you then have to arrange to participate in. adjacent field at the screen on your computer so that we can confirm your identity and availability to associate that particular phone number with your account. After entering the code, click the Next button to complete the process of pairing the phone with your Hotmail account.

If you have done this (or entered your mobile number when sign up your Hotmail address), you will be able to follow the standard account recovery process.

Then try connecting to, hit the Login button and enter your Hotmail address data by filling in the appropriate fields displayed on the screen. Then, request an unlock code for your account. Wait until the SMS arrives and enter the verification code you received in the text field.

If you no longer remember the password of your account or have been changed without your consent and now you want to understand how to access the procedure again to put into practice to become Public “in business” is different from that already seen. In this case, to be able to unlock Hotmail account to start, you must click here to be able to connect immediately with the Outlook Internet site. When the webpage is displayed, click the I forgot the password button located at the bottom and then place a check mark next to the item I forgot my password and click the Next button.

Now enter your Hotmail email address in the E-mail or Phone field, enter the security code in the text field. Type the characters you see at the bottom of the page and click the Next button.

The screen at this time is shown to you, indicating that you want to receive a security code to verify your identity by email to the alternate email address you specified when creating your Hotmail account by clicking Submit. and -mail to (instead of assigned your alternate e-mail address) or click I already have a code if you already have a verification code, so you do not need get a new one.

If you chose to receive the code to verify your identity by e-mail to the secondary email address you specified earlier, visit the same Inbox or Inbox and open the received message. from Microsoft. Then, enter the verification code that was sent to you on the page and then click the Next button.

Enter the new password you intend to use for your Outlook account in the New Password and Confirm Password fields and click the button at the bottom of the page to complete the process. If you have enabled 2-step verification on your account, you will need to provide a second identity verification method before entering this screen. You will need to receive an additional security code on your other mobile phone or email address to designate it for Microsoft through the appropriate form displayed on the screen.

If instead you chose the option I already have a code type in your already owned verification code in the appropriate code field, then click Next.

Now enter the new password you intend to use for your Outlook account in the New Password and Confirm Password fields, and click the button at the bottom of the page to complete the process. Again, if you have activated 2-step verification on your account, before accessing this screen, you will need to provide a second identity verification method, or you will need to receive an additional security code on your account. Your other mobile phone or email address is assigned to Microsoft using the appropriate form on the screen.

If you do not remember your alternate email address or if you do not have a recovery code to unlock your Hotmail account, follow the instructions I gave you in the instructions on how to recover your Microsoft account.

Can not unlock Hotmail account using the process I specified in the previous lines? You can only address this situation by contacting Microsoft support directly. To do so, click here to connect to the appropriate Web site of Microsoft and fill out the form suggested for you on the screen.

You must provide a brief description of the problem by filling in the field below the entry. Enter a brief description of the problem: You must enter a Hotmail email address that you can not access by filling out the field below. Your email address (Microsoft Account) is affected by the problem :, you must provide a different contact email address than the address specified above by filling in the field below the entry. Enter your e- Contact mail (not the associated e-mail address): and you must provide a detailed description of the problem by entering the field below the entry. Enter a detailed description of the problem: To complete Click the blue Submit button.

Then, within a few hours after requesting information, you should contact the Microsoft support center to help you recover access to your email address. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please fill out the form again.

If you need more details about the process actually put in place to unlock your Hotmail account, you can also refer to the appropriate Web site related to the official Microsoft website and be accessible by clicking here.

How to create a secure password

“Bobby”, “Maria” and “Supercalifragilistichespiralidoso”. If at least one of these words is approaching a lot of the passwords that you usually use to access your favorite Web services, obviously you have not fully understood the importance of using secure passwords. whole. However, this is an important aspect, which can not afford to pay due attention because having a secure password ensures a certain level of protection against privacy breaches and identity theft.

Fortunately for you, you came to the right place at the right time! In the following sections, in fact, I will provide some general tips on how to create strong passwords, which will show you how you can actually create them (showing you a few solutions to Automatically generate passwords) and, finally, I will show you how to keep your information online and securely online.

Are you interested in the subject and can not wait to build on it? Yes, what are you waiting for? Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to focus on reading the next line and make the “tips” that I will give you. You will see, at the end of this article, that you will no longer have any doubts about how to create and keep a secure password. Read happiness!

Tips for creating secure passwords

If you want to create a secure password, you can not afford to give everything a chance: you need to know exactly what access to your account is absolutely necessary for the proper security (absolute security, in the world). computer as well as in life, does not exist). Below I will give you an “identikit” type, if you allow me to call it the “ideal” password. These are simple tips, but very practical and useful: make good use of them!

Long – if a password is long enough, it will be unlikely that any attacker will be able to easily intercept it. Many online services consider long passwords as long as they contain at least 8 characters, but I recommend using a slightly longer password to increase their security. The advice I give you is therefore to use a password that consists of 15-20 characters.

Include the word inventor – if the password you use the name of your dog, it is your girlfriend or a word taken from a quote from a movie (as in the opening), you run the risk That your password is easy to guess. So avoid using the access keys that contain personal information (your date of birth, the names of your family members, etc.) as they can easily be retrieved by criminals (or curious friends who knows you). Instead, use invented words that contain numbers, upper and lower case, and symbols (!,?, £, $,%, &, #, +, _, §, etc.) to avoid Dictionary based attack. Do not even use strings of recognizable numbers and letters (for example, “12345678”, “qwertyuiop” or “asdfghjkl”).

Continuous updates – because there is no “perfect” password in the absolute sense, it’s best to update regularly, maybe every 30-40 days.

New and different for each site / service – Do not use passwords that have been used in the past, create new passwords using the criteria I just provided. Above all, do not use passwords that have been used for other accounts: if someone unluckily gets one of your passwords, all your accounts will be at risk!

How to create a secure password

After giving you some general information on how to choose an anti-bomb password (or better, a cracker), it’s time to reveal some key ways to create a secure password, so you can understand. Be clear about the different points I’ve listed in the previous lines (but I advise you not to use the sample password shown below).

The first method involves replacing the letters of a meaningful word made up of special characters. It is a well known and effective method, because it not only allows you to create secure passwords but is also easy to remember. I will give you a practical example so you can better understand what it includes.

Suppose you want to use the word “alvatoredelmondo96” as your password. You can replace some letters with symbols to make the password safe and at the same time easy to remember (for example, “S” replaces “$”, “a” with “@”, etc.). . The end result could be: $ @ lvator € delmondo96.

Another method, in some ways similar to the one I just described, involves replacing phonetics and graphics. Also in this case, you have the advantage of having a password that is easy to remember and above all safe. I will once again give you a practical example so that you can understand the problem.

Let’s say you want to use the word “seipiùùbellodigiuseppe” as your password. You can substitute some of the sounds in this sentence with letters and symbols (for example, “sei” becomes “6” and “plus” becomes “+”). The final result may look like this: 6 + b € llodig! Us € pp €.

If you’re a bit lazy and you do not have a lot of imagination, you can use the password generator to create secure passwords. Here I show you how some of these services work. I hope they will help you.

Symantec Password Generator

Symantec, the well-known software maker of antivirus and computer security systems of all kinds (many of which are marketed under the Norton brand), allow the free use of the password generator. on your site (from which you can also install the Norton Identity Safe utility that allows you to create and manage passwords).

To use the Symantec password generator, associated with its official website, enter the number of characters that must be created in the text field next to the word “Password length”, check all boxes below. same (in fact, they should have been checked) and then select from the drop down menu the appropriate number of passwords you need. To finish, click the Generate orange password button, and on the next page, you will be presented with passwords created based on the criteria you have set.

PasswordG (Windows)

If you want to create a password while offline, you can use some special programs to create passwords, such as PassworG, a free program for Windows that allows you to create secure passwords in just a few clicks. .

To create a password using PasswordG, first connect to your Internet site, select the Download tab, located at the top of the page, and then click the Download button to download the program on your PC.

Next, double-click on the zip archive you just downloaded ( and extract the contents into any folder. Then start the program PassworG.exe and, in the window that opens, enter the Length and Number of characters to generate the generated password and the number of keywords that the program must create. Put a checkmark next to the readable item (if you want a relatively easy-to-remember password) and then click the Create button to create your password.

To check the security of passwords generated by PassworG, double-click them and wait for the program to analyze them (just a few minutes). At the end of the activity, PassworG will show you some suggestions to make the keyword analyzed even safer (the warning next to the yellow icon, at the bottom of the window). Follow them to the mail (usually the problem is to add one or two characters to the keyword) and you will get a password almost incomprehensible, it is ideal to keep any attacker away.

Keep your password in a safe place

After creating the secure password, you will almost certainly have to deal with another “problem”: where to keep them? This is a far cry from the fact that the number of accounts in our possession is constantly increasing (every day we use a lot of social networks, home banking, death, etc.).

Since memorizing them all by heart is almost impossible and putting them on the PC screen with a post is anything but cautious, I suggest you use a good password manager or program. Allows you to close the type of “virtual safe” keys to access their accounts and can be accessed with the primary password, known as the primary password. It’s a safer and more convenient solution.

Below you will find the features of two very famous password managers. You can enhance their activity by reading the instructions listed below.

  • 1Password (Windows / macOS / Android / iOS) – it is more than one of the most well-known and well-known password managers. 1Password presents a well-designed user interface that makes it easy to use and allows you to keep passwords for access to web services, social networks, e-mail and even a built-in password generator. Make it safe and easy. 1Password can be used for free in just 30 days, then you have to register one of the available subscription packages (starting at $ 3.99 per month) to use them. For more information on 1Password, read the tutorials that I talked about about password management and how to use the application to save passwords.
  • LastPass (Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS) – even the password manager is highly rated for ease of use and practicality to manage all data access to online services, networks Social, website and via on. LastPass is a freemium solution: you can use the basic functions of creating and managing free passwords, but to access some additional features, such as a feature that allows you to upload files. And LastPass cloud, you need to subscribe Premium. starting from $ 2 a month. For more details on LastPass’s operation, read the instructions in which I explain how to manage passwords and how to use them to keep passwords.


How to recover Hotmail account – Microsoft account –

Since this morning you no longer have access to your Hotmail account? When trying to sign in, did you get the message that the entered data was incorrect? Ask your coworker to contact you to ask you about the “strange” emails you send them in the morning? If you answered at least one of these questions, it is likely that your account has been compromised.

Do you find yourself in a situation where there is no way out? Absolutely not! If you take a few minutes of free time, I can show you how to recover your Hotmail account through a simple and immediate password recovery procedure. In order to have sufficient information, I will explain how you can prevent this situation from happening again in the future, indicating that some effective security measures can prevent unauthorized access to your inbox. friend.

So are you ready to start? Well, we do not waste more precious time and get right to the heart of this guide right away. Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to focus on reading the next few paragraphs, follow the tips I will give you and you will find that you can get back into your Hotmail account. friend. I want you to read well and I will give you a great luck for everything!

Check that your Hotmail account has been stolen

Verifying that your Hotmail account is stolen is a must to restore. To verify this, associated with this site, enter your email address in the text field and click the Next blue button. Then enter the login password for your Microsoft account and click the blue Login button.

At this point, click the SMS in the [phone number you provided at registration], enter the last four digits of your phone number in the text field, and click ‘Send.’ The Microsoft team will send you an SMS with a code that you can confirm your identity: enter it into the text and click the Check button to complete the task.

If you have no way to confirm your identity through a mobile phone number, for example because you changed your mobile number and you have not updated this information in your account, click link I have some information on this and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to proceed with verification of your identity.

As soon as you have performed the account verification, you will have access to the full list of visits that were made last month. If you see hits made by devices that are not yours, it is obvious that your account has been stolen.

Then click the Account protection link (under the heading Activities unfamiliar ?, in the suspicious access area) and follow the instructions that you see on the screen to protect your inbox: it’s about resetting your password and verifying the account-related security information.

After completing the password reset process, you can finally get back to your Hotmail account and use it securely. However, if you do not perform the verification process described above, it is clear that cybercriminals have already stolen your account and changed your password. You can find helpful information on how to proceed in this case in the next chapter of the tutorial.

Recover the stolen Hotmail account

If you are reading this chapter of the guide, it is clear that your Hotmail account has been stolen and you have not yet managed to return because the cybercriminal who has occupied it has also changed your password. In this case, how can you recover your stolen Hotmail account? I will explain to you immediately.

First, connect to the login page of the website (as I explained to you in my guide on how to access Hotmail, Microsoft has now captured all the e services. -mail your, click the Login button (located in the middle of the page, right), enter in the stolen email address text field and click the blue Forward button.

At this point, you will be asked to enter a password to access your account. Since the password has been changed by the thief who took over the account, click on the link I forgot the password located at the bottom of the login form.

On the page that opens, the Microsoft team will ask you for a reason why you can not sign in. Then put a checkmark in the item I think someone is using my Microsoft account and, if you want, indicate why you think your account has been stolen. To do so, select one of the options in the drop-down menu under Options: Why do you think someone has access to your account? (for example, on my recent activity page, I noticed abnormal access) and click the Next button.

Now enter the characters you see the CAPTCHA code displayed on the screen and click the Next button. If you are unable to decode the code, click the New button, so you can create another code, or if you prefer, click the Sound button to hear the audio code. After entering the code, click the Next button again.

Now you have to verify your identity. Select, then, one of the suggested options (for example, SMS to ******** XX) and then follow the instructions that you see on the screen to continue. For example, if you decide to verify your identity with a phone number, enter the last 4 digits of the number in the text field and then click the blue Code Submit button. In a few minutes you will receive a code: digital in the text field Enter the code and then click the Next button.

If you have no way of confirming your identity through your mobile number (for example, because you changed your mobile number and you have not updated this information in your account), click on the link I have some information on this and follow the instructions to display a screen to proceed to determine your identity.

Now you can finally reset your password and get your account back. To do this, enter a secure password in the New Password field, repeat the password in the Confirm password field, and click the Next button.

If all goes well, you will see the message reassuring “Your account has been restored.” To finish, click the Next button and sign in by entering your new email and password on the login form.

While following the processes described above, you can not return to your Hotmail account? In this case, I suggest you visit the support page that Microsoft has set up on its Internet site: there you will find other useful information to restore your account.

How to protect your Hotmail account

After stealing your Hotmail account, I bet you do not want to repeat such an experience, right? Then, let me give you some tips on how to protect your Hotmail account and avoid stealing your login information.

  • Use secure passwords – To be considered safe, the password must be at least 15-20 characters (“minimum link” is 8 characters, but the longer the password is, the harder it is to intercept). and must contain n umbers, letters (titles) and symbols,. Also, it MUST NOT contain any elements that are relevant to you (for example, your date of birth, the names of your family members, etc.) and must be different from the passwords used for the account Other provisions. If you would like some more suggestions on how to create a secure password, read the research I have published on this topic.
  • Allow two-factor authentication – in this way, even if someone unfortunately must block your password, they will not be able to access your account because they will not have a second access key, this group will be sent by the Microsoft team via SMS to the number of mobile phones specified during activation. To enable two-factor authentication on your account, visit the Security Settings page and sign in with your Microsoft account. Then, click Set up 2-Step Verification (in the 2-Step Verification section) and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to delete Hotmail account

Use the services provided by the Redmond company for some time, you are happy with it but for now many reasons you have decided to delete the Microsoft account. That’s your choice, I can not tell you anything else. However, if you are here now and you are reading this guide, it may be because you are having some difficulty figuring out how to do it. But if everything is really like this, you do not have to worry. I can really explain to you, step by step, all you need to do to delete the Microsoft account.

Most likely it seems to be something out of your reach but you have to believe me, deleting a Microsoft account is a very straightforward procedure and for signing it takes only a few minutes of free time and minimal attention, Nothing more, I can assure you.

So, if you are really willing to learn what you need to do to be able to delete your Microsoft account, I highly recommend that you read this manual carefully and focus on reading the instructions I will give you. I am sure that in the end you will be willing to give me the reason to actually delete the Microsoft account is a real breeze and I also believe that at the first good opportunity you will also be able to explain to all your friends Your need a hand how to do. Ready? friend? Very well, then we ban chat and start.

Before giving you all the explanation about the incident on how to delete the Microsoft account, you should clarify one point immediately. You should know, if you do not already know, that a Microsoft account is nothing more than a combination of an email address and password used to access services such as, OneDrive, Windows Phone or Xbox Live.

The Microsoft account then coincides with the Hotmail or Outlook email address. If you have followed my instructions to create a Hotmail account in the past, then you have a Microsoft account. Therefore, deleting your Hotmail account or Outlook account also means deleting your Microsoft account.

Preliminary activity

Before explaining how you should proceed with deleting your Microsoft account, I also recommend that you do some simple but extremely important preliminary work.

To get started, check that no active subscription service is available on your account. In the case of active services, will delete the Microsoft account that you may actually be charged for something you will no longer use. To verify that there are no active services on your account, click here to connect to the subscription management panel and ensure that no subscriptions are specified. If instead, some subscriptions will delete all those subscriptions by clicking the appropriate option.

In addition, if you have used your account even when you send and receive email via, please note that before deletion, it may be useful to download a copy of the contacts that are connected. with it. If you do not know how, read my tutorial on how to export the Outlook Address Book that I’ve run to show the whole process in a very detailed way.

Please note that if you intend to delete the Microsoft account because you do not like the name you chose (the part that comes before the @), you can deal with it also will create the alias, namely the e-address. – Second, however, refer to the primary address.

To create an alias, just click on your Information section located at the top of the blue bar associated with the Web site to control your Microsoft account, and then click Manage how you access Microsoft. Then, verify your identity by entering your password or security code or, if you have not already done so, indicate which method you would like to use to protect your account.

Now select the Security and Privacy section at the top right and then click Other security settings you find in the Account Security section of the new page that is displayed. If prompted, complete the steps to verify your identity by requesting to enter a security code by email or SMS, and then click Submit and enter the code you received via email or phone message. in the appropriate field is displayed to you on the screen. Then click Submit.

Now scroll to the bottom of the screen that will be shown to you, find the Close your account section, and then click the Close account section.

Then click the Next button, put a checkmark next to all the options shown to you (, Hotmail and onedrive will no longer be accessible, the content may not work as expected, etc.) and click on the previous button Mark and then on Finish to complete the procedure.

At this point, you can tell you more than satisfied: you finally managed to complete all the procedures to be able to delete the Microsoft account. Congratulations!

In case of intent change

Did you do all the steps to remove the Microsoft account but now you have second thoughts? No problem, you can retrieve your steps. Taking into account this event, the Microsoft team can restore deleted accounts within 60 days of closing. During this time, the account has been marked as closed, but it still exists.

To reopen a deleted Microsoft account, you will need to prove that you are using the current security information for your account. To do this, just connect to your Microsoft account on or any of the other company websites and click the Continue button. I want to reopen my account. You will then have to verify your identity by accepting a security code by e-mail or by SMS and ending with the end button.

During the unfortunate event that I have reviewed but the maximum time frame to be able to reactivate and restore your Microsoft account is now over, I am sorry to tell you, but at this point, You can not do anything else. However, if you think it’s appropriate, you can create a new Microsoft account by following the instructions that I provided in my tutorial on how to create a Microsoft account.